Sabancı University

The community of Sabancı decided to constitute under the leadership of Hacı Ömer Sabancı Vakfı (VAKSA) which is the greatest and ascendant family foundation in 1994.In August 1995, from 22 different countries more than 50‘s scientist, researcher, student and businessman had come to İstanbul from various university, science center and disciplines to create a philosophy of this world university: “Create together and proceed together”.



Offtown Festival

Offtown Festival is biggest student event of Sabancı University, prepared by a whole student-based committee and supported by university clubs intimately since 2001.

We formed an extraordinary festival concept that is not “common university spring festival” since 2013. The other distinctive property of Offtown festival is the concept of “TOWN” and it’s made for putting together with different interests and different people. At the same time, our aim is also making comfortable our sponsors.

We will be glad to see you and all the other participants in this great day.


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